Please help so confused I need advice!

I'm so in love with my ex. We have awesome chemistry, I respect him so much and I can't stop thinking about him. We says he feels the same and wants to marry me. But he lives in another state. We only talk on phone, no physical cheating ever. I have not seen him in 2 yrs.

I'm in a relationship right now with someone else, we've been together about a year and got engaged 3 months ago. there is no chemistry, but he says he loves me like crazy. I've been honest with him about my feelings but he says he will do anything to make things last. The only problem? He's said that before and gone back to his old selfish ways, he's not emotionally communicative and I feel very alone in our relationship. I'm getting older, about to turn 28 and I want to be married and start a family, but I want to be sure I will be happy in that marriage so I don't set things up for divorce.

I agreed to continue trying with my fiance. I am hopeful that if we try to go more places together, make more friends and try therapy and communication things will get better? The only thing is I still can't stop thinking about my ex. I know I love him I just don't know if it would last with him. I'm scared to make a big risk and move for love. I'm scared to lose something that is okay and end up alone if things don't work out w/ ex.

PS the reason things didn't work out w/ ex in the past is we dated 7 years ago and he was using drugs then. He is not anymore. But sometimes I feel he is inconsistent as in his feelings don't seem to change even over all these years, but he works veryyyy long hours and is a single dad so he doesn't always have time to call/text and his personality is also that he doesn't feel the need to constantly reassure his feelings are there, they just are. Please help what should I do? settle? work on it? or take a huge risk?
Asked Feb 20, 2013
What's option #3?

#1 and #2 don't sound good at all...
Answered Feb 20, 2013

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