Please help needing advice.

So here is my situation. I started seeing this guy about 7 months ago. We started knowing neither of us wanted anything serious. A lot can happen in 7 months. It started off 3 nights a week then a month or so later it was a lot more frequent, he would even leave me in his bed while he went to work. About 2 months ago I started having problems with my housemates, so the guy said it would be a good idea if I moved into his spare room as I didn't like where I was and he need help with money anyway. Now it is 5 weeks into living with him and its killing me. We still have sex and see a lot of each other but we don't really sleep in the same bed or anything I don't know what going on. I have feelings for him I have never felt for someone like this I don't how to tell him how I feel ?!?

Would love for the input. Thanks.
Asked Feb 20, 2013
Hey, I saw your question. Tricky situation.
Talk to him about how he feels for you. If its killing you, tell him you need a refresher, a little break. Try to explain to him how you're feeling, and show him you just want a little breather. If he really loves you, he'll understand.
Hope this helps!
Answered Feb 20, 2013

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