I am 11 years old and need to make $2,000 fast what should I do?

I am a girl and I have already tried dog walking, babysitting, paper routes, mothers helpering, bake sales, selling old stuff, and a TON of other stuff like that! I am to young to work in a store because I am only 11 not 14!!!! And it needs to be something I can keep on the down low because my parents cant know because it is a surprise!!!!!!!
Asked Feb 18, 2013
Wtf you cant
Answered Feb 18, 2013
You Don't Understand I NEED The Money! It is not so I can buy a toy or something or any other first world problem! My LIFE is depending on it!
There are no ways to "get rich" fast but there are many ways to get rich slowly.
Answered Feb 18, 2013
Then Tell Me How To Do That!
Sorry sweetie but money doesn't grow on trees.
Answered Mar 08, 2013
Hey I'm also 11 and I'm in the same exact situation as you. I need $2000 for this flight that I really want to go on. I just wanted to say good luck! :-)<3
Answered Oct 13, 2013
Me to I have goton a chance to get google glass and that's once in a life time
Answered Nov 25, 2013
Try Lemonade sales, lawnmowing, car washes and tutoring. I earned about 1,000 dollars when I was 10. It's really sweet your doing something for your parents. Good Luck!!!!
Answered Jul 27, 2017

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