Whats wrong with my right foot? doctors please?

I banged my right ankle at softball 3 months ago. Its real scraped up on my leg too, but only my ankle hurt. I am 14 girl. I went for xrays at urgent care and they told me that it was only bruising & I used RICE & stayed off it on crutches for a few days just like they stated to do. They told me it wouldnt take long to heal because they didnt see breaks or sprains. My ankle was VERY swollen & bruised when xrays were taken a week after the injury. I havent talked to a doctor yet about it since then. But it still hurts and sometimes I cant even walk on it, the pain goes off and on. It stopped hurting for a while and recently came back. Now it feels like its pulling on the outer part and heel of my foot. There is alot of scar tissue and it is STILL swolen from 3 monthes ago. My mom doesnt want to take me to a doctor because she said they wont do anything but say its bruised. It was so weak I rolled it a couple times since it was hit, but that was a while ago.But its been 3 monthes and I feel like its getting worse, ive been icing but it hurts to move certain ways and feels like a pulling muscle. I dont know what to do. I cant walk woth my foot completely straight or flat because it gives out and hurts real bad. So I walk on the edge of it sometimes. Also it mainly hurts in the morning and at night when ive been off it for a while, or when im on it too long. My leg doesnt have as much feeling in it as my left from where the scrapes were. It tingles when I shave because its hard to feel small things like rubbing on my leg and ankle. Anyone know what might be wrong?
Asked Feb 17, 2013
i think u may have just pulled a muscle.. or u may have tendinitis now.. which is where u can hurt ur tendon and it swells alot.. the just give u a prescription to use..
Answered Apr 29, 2013
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Answered Aug 12, 2017

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