Is it worth the risk?

I am in love with my ex. He lives in Texas and I live in Montana. He is a full time single dad to a wonderful 5 year old daughter.


I am very sure I am in love with him.

We have a deep spiritual connection, chemistry, a TON in common

I respect him deeply and love everything about him.

I think of him ALL the time and my heart races, he makes me happy.

He says he feels the same way.

I used to live in TX and I liked it, its how we met. But he's the only person I've stayed in touch wit there for 7 yrs.

I don't have much family and friends here in Montana so I could move.


I have a good job where I live

He has baby momma drama (but he's not in love with her or anything like that, she just has issues)

He works very long hours and is very tired due o his responsibilites

He is not very open with his emotions day to day, more the strong silent type-which can be hard

He doesnt always call and write when he says he will but this is due to his being a full time dad and working overtime, I think

If I move I won't have a back up plan if things didn't work out for whatever reason.

Please help! Do pro's outweigh cons? Should I take the risk for love? Does love ever last?
Asked Feb 16, 2013
You can overcome the obstacles if both of your are committed to the relationship. If he is unwilling to get married however, I would see that as a lack of commitment. In other words, I wouldn't go to Texas unless he's talking marriage.

If by "full time dad" you mean he has custody of his daughter, I would try to spend a little time with her to see how she reacts to the idea before making the decision. Moving in as the "new mom" can be be an ordeal if the child doesn't accept you but that's surely not always the case. If either of you could visit for your vacation with the child included, that might provide a preview to how the child will react.
Answered Feb 16, 2013

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