How to get along with friends on exchange program?

Well, this is gonna be long...

I´m an exchange student in Portugal and I´ve been here for some months, Portuguese is really hard but I tried my best. My friends at my host school can speak well English but still I try to speak Portuguese with them. I try almost every way to reach them and just failed over and over again. They are not type of friends I had in my country but I have no choice because they are my classmates. I always try to open a topic or ask them something like "What did you do on holiday?", "What do you like?", but still they just gave me short answers and then don´t care about me at all. And they never tell me ANYTHING, like the day of tests, homework or when we switch class. I used to ask about those things and they just said "Theres nothing important for you to know" or maybe just "no". And when I missed the class because they switched it they said "you should ask us", but how am I suppose to know that there is a chance of switching class on that day! And if I ask them too many questions they will get frustrated and annoyed. It´s like "yeah, you can be with us, walk behind us or stand in the conversation time, but that´s all you can get, we are not going to tell you any secrets, invite you anywhere or speak personally with you" Sometimes I ended up eating alone because after the class everyone just disappeared!

More, we have a holiday for Carnaval and I ask what they are going to do and they said nothing, just stay at home and study, but then they went to party without telling me anything. I don´t know what I did wrong or if they don´t like me, also the boys are mean and they always tease me in PE class because I´m a small and skinny asian with not-so-good skills on sports. One boy (who claim that he is the strongest boy in the school and I could not agree more), tried to make fun of me in front of everyone all the time, all I can do is pretending not to care but actually I CARE and I feel bad.

For opposite, the other class I went to is very nice and friendly, but there are some issues that prevent me from hanging out or spend most of the time with them because we have different schedule, I try to change my schedule to have more class with this one but I still need to go to the old class, it is necessary.

I don´t know what to do, I tried hard but I cannot seem to reach them. Just when I think Í´m a part of their class and happy, they always prove me wrong. This is a long story but thanks for reading until now.
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Asked Feb 15, 2013

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