Does smoking weed decrease cancer risk?

Asked Feb 14, 2013
The problem is that weed isn't tested like drugs that are licensed by the government and not every batch is exactly the same. You don't know what chemicals have been used for pesticides and fertilizer nor what other substances it might be laced with because of the lack of formulation and testing. The link below a reasonable comparison between weed and tobacco.

From that article:
"To date, similar epidemiological and/or clinical studies on the use of cannabis and cancer are few and not definitive. However, the public and policy-makers should interpret the ambiguity of these results with caution – neither construing them at this time as an endorsement of cannabis’ safety nor as an indictment of its potential health hazards."
Answered Feb 14, 2013
No. If anything it increases your risk of lung cancer because you're inhaling smoke.
Answered Feb 14, 2013
Actually it helps increase lung capacity with OCCASIONAL use. No there is no scientific proof that marijuana causes any forms of cancer, it is being studied now that it may potentially kill certain forms of cancer.
Answered Feb 14, 2013
I don't think so. Rather it leads to various types of cancers such as lung cancer. So, one should avoid it. If you are addicted you can try legal smoking blends. These are harmless. For more details you can visit
Answered May 20, 2014
Not at all. Weed is malefic for an individual's health. It increases the risk of cancer. If you really want to smoke, make use of herbal incense. These are best alternative. They have same effect but are non malefic. For such incense one can visit
Answered Jul 30, 2014
Not more than cigaretts
Answered Aug 10, 2014
As far as I am concerned smoking weed cause cancer. Although it is not as malefic as traditional smoking products. But I'll advice you to avoid these dangerous products as they annihilate your health. IF you still want to smoke, try herbal incense. These are healthy alternatives and have same effect. For more information about such products check out
Answered Sep 29, 2014
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Answered Aug 16, 2016
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Answered May 21, 2014

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