Am I pregnant? Early symptoms (3 weeks approx.)

First of all im sorry to write such a long/detailed question!

Recently me and my partner have not used protection however he has not ejaculated inside of me. We have sex everyday, sometimes up to 3 times. My last period was about 3 and a half weeks ago and was a lot heavier than usual, however only lasted a few days. Since I have felt constantly tired and been very lazy, although I want to do things I just havent got the energy. My stomach has got a bit bigger and I feel constantly bloated, constipated and am finding it hard to say no to hunger cravings - which is wierd for me. My stomach has gotten larger however very firm towards the bottem. My partner thinks I could be pregnant and I am begginig to think so too.
This last week I have felt very emotional crying and feeling down for no reason.
Also in the past few days I have struggled with headaches and dizziness. I keep feeling as though I am about to faint and having blurred vision.
Could these be symptoms of pregnancy, baring in mind I would only be about 3 weeks gone?
I have also experienced throbbing/twitching in my stomach.
My breasts arent tender or much bigger however seem to be more shapely, my thighs and bum seem to be a bit bigger though :S

Do you think I could be pregnant?

I would appreciate if people could post their own early pregnancy signs/symptoms.

Thanks a lot! x
Asked Feb 09, 2013
Best way to know is take a test as soon as one will be effective.

BTW, you wouldn't be 3 weeks pregnant if you are pregnant. You could from the date of conception, not from the last day of your last period.
Answered Feb 09, 2013

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