We danced, now what?

I finally got the courage to ask the boy I like to dance with me, and it was AMAZING! I'm still smiling from it now. But, I'm confused, what happens next?

Today (the dance was last night) he kept going on about how weird the dance was last night to everyone. I don't know if he means it was weird because he danced with me, or weird because a bunch of younger kids (I didn't ask them to) ran up to him at the start and told him that he "should totally slow dance" with me! He's really shy, and I think he might just be acting this way because of how many people were pushing us together.

But what I'm really asking, I guess, it what should I do now? Should I tell him I really enjoyed dancing with him, or just leave? Please help!
Asked Feb 08, 2013
Tell him you really liked dancing with him!! My crush is shy too, and trust me shy guys are strange in that they show you the opposite of what they really feel. I think your best bet is to just tell him what you really feel, then maybe he'll do the same to you! good luck :)
Answered Feb 09, 2013
Thanks, I'll do that! ^^
Kris7 Feb 10, 2013
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Answered Apr 29, 2019

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