My mom does not like anime but I love it. She says I cant watch anymore anime or by manga or stuff.

Ok, so about two years ago I really got into anime and manga and now its my favorite thing and all I want to do is watch it read it and buy action figures for it. But now my mom grounded me from it because she says its to "scary" and also because it is not christian, what to I do to get her to let me watch it?(also my twin sister likes it too)
Asked Feb 08, 2013
What?!?!?! Since when has anime been SCARY?!?! It might not be Christian but does that mean she hates the Japanese? Not everything has to be Christian.....tell her that. :)
Answered Feb 14, 2013
she does not hate japanese but she wants me and my siblings only doing christian thing and there are some anime with good morales but she is adament
Kiruse Feb 14, 2013
Just watch it anyway my mom doesn't know I watch Higurashi or High School of the dead or any of that stuff. Just make sure you delete your history after words, and remember. What she doesn't know cant hurt her!
Answered Feb 16, 2013
Well I am kinda already doing that... dont tell my mom.
Kiruse Mar 01, 2013
P.S. thanks for mentioning me in your bio ;)
P.P.S. how do you do those star thingys?
Kiruse Mar 01, 2013
haha dont worry about it I do the same ;)

PS. No problem about the bio and I just copy and paste them its works :)
Ah, so simple yet I couldnt think of it.
Kiruse Apr 04, 2013
I love high school of the dead right on
you should kill that anime manga hating ... person???
Answered Feb 24, 2013
Remeber this is my mother and she pays five dollars every week for chores and I need the money so.... yeah, BUT THANKS ANYWAY FOR THE LAUGH! :D
Kiruse Mar 01, 2013
i believe you should listen to your mom, if you really want to watch an anime, prove to your mom thats there's nothing wrong with it....

there's a lot of anime out there with very ungodly stuff, many of which tend to potray christianity as some vampire fighting community, or the popular "fan service" of panties and stockings and what nots many of which are done out of ignorance from the creators part..... I have nothing against you watching it, but be careful of what you watch,
especially if you are young. your mom's only watching out for you, so just look out for the right anime ...
Answered Aug 11, 2013
My mom don't know I watch animain I watch high school of the dead and fruit basket are my favorite and I'm Christian
Answered Aug 14, 2013

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