Do I have enough ECs to get into a good college in the USA?

Hey! I am a foreigner, and I am going to apply to some American universities. I want to figure out your opinion if I have enough ECs.

1. Photography - 4 years( awards: a Sony World Photography Awards commended photographer)
2. Editor-in-chief(2 years)
3.School theater( 2 years)
4. School student government( I am a president there)-2 years
5.Holding a club "English with fun" for children in 2-4 grades(1,5 year)
6.Volunteering at The children's club(2 years) - I help to hold the club, organize activities for children
7. Debate club( 1 year)
8. Improv.Club(1 year)
9.Literature club(1 year)
10. Open Mic Club(1 year)
11. Yoga club(1 year)
12. Volunteering at Greenpeace(1 year)
13.volunteering at orphange (1 year)
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Feb 08, 2013
Looks good to me. You have visual and performing arts, humanities, letters, something that uses your body (yoga), and volunteerism and civic engagement. This list makes you look like the sort of well-rounded student that universities love.

BTW... I went Ivy League in the US for grad and undergrad.
Answered Feb 08, 2013

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