I like this guy and im not sure if he likes me

There is this guy and i've liked him for a while and I cant tell if he likes me. I know that he tried to come up to me on the last day of school.Also over the summer he always looked at me...i got a txt message from him supposably asking if I like him...does it mean he likes me? Its just we always look at each other...hes seen me with 2 guys n he looked jealous. Also his friends stare at me.
Asked Feb 05, 2013
Please answer my question guys. I too need help.
Answered Mar 21, 2014
I think he might like you! If he asks if you like him give him your honest opinion on him! He's trying to sort things out in his mind on whether he might have a chance with you. I've been going through the same thing recently and I've found that being completely honest with him helps. If you tell him you don't llike him (Because you're too shy), ask him if he likes you! He will most likely be honest about it and tell you. If he doesn't like you be polite about it and don't make a big deal. Hope this helps! :)
Answered Feb 06, 2013
I've already told him I liked him. He said he was flattered n had 2 go.He's shy too!
Sounds like he does!! Maybe you could make some hints? Text him a lot, smile at him and make it more obvious that you like him back! Because trust me, guys don't pick up subtle hints very easily! I tried to drop subtle hints and he never would of came and asked me out until I made it clear that I liked him. Hope it helped ;)
Answered Apr 20, 2013
he has a thing for you girly haha and like Iloveyouu said 'make it more obvious that you like him back!' :)
Answered Apr 20, 2013
Answered Feb 21, 2014

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