Am I prepared enough to go study abroad? PLEASE HELP!

I'm an 18 years old girl.I'm a very shy person by nature and the thought of having a conversation makes my stomach turn. I depend on my parents a lot. I'm from mauritius and thinking of going in the university of cape town in south africa. Firstly I've never gone abroad alone, secondly I'm not fluent in english and also I don't even have a friend there. IN FACT I KNOW NOTHING. Can anybody suggest ways in which I can overcome these weaknesses?How can I become independent. Please someone help me......I want to change myself forever... PLEASE....
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Asked Feb 05, 2013
Edited Feb 05, 2013
When you go to the university there will be many others in the same situation as you are; just as uncomfortable and just as shy. The way to overcome your shyness is to force yourself to do it until you overcome the fear.

Your English as written above isn't bad. In the meantime, participate in any group situation on the island you can find. If there is one where English is spoken, that would be good.

There is nothing different about you than the rest of us except you are lacking experience. If you will get involved and gain some experience, you can do this.
Answered Feb 05, 2013
Edited Feb 05, 2013
thanks a lot! This will be very useful for me.
laksh Feb 06, 2013
I've been to UCT. It's a nice campus. I'm sure you'll be fine there.

I was born in the US and went to college here as well, but it was a very competitive university with a large and diverse international student population. It was actually really fun meeting people from all over the world and hanging out with them. Not speaking English perfectly wasn't a bad thing, so people weren't made to feel dumb.

Like anything else, English skills improve with practice and time.

Traveling alone is the same way. The first time I traveled abroad I was very nervous and worried about getting lost, but it gets much easier the more you do it.

To get ready, you can practice English more... and try to relax about this new adventure... and just tell yourself you can do it.

You'll meet new people, and have experiences that you'd never have if you were too afraid to leave home. How exciting! :-)
Answered Feb 05, 2013
Thank you! I feel more reassured bcoz I'm getting these advice directly from a UCT student. :)
laksh Feb 06, 2013
Sorry I wasn't clear. I visited the UCT campus. I attended university in the US. You'll do fine. I bet the admissions counselors could put you in touch with an international student if you wanted to talk to a UCT student about their experiences. By the way, I'm a native English speaker and I have no trouble understanding what you're writing.

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