Can employer require to wear safety vest before even being at work or going to work?

Asked Feb 03, 2013
Yes, if governing laws/regulations give them the authority to do so.
Answered Feb 03, 2013
I was looking for a real answer. Where are the regulations? What is the law? who gives them the authority?
How can you expect someone to provide you with information on regulations and laws without knowing what country and state you're asking about? Also, whether there is a labor contract, and what it says is critical. In the absence of a contract, you're generally working by mutual agreement and it is well settled that employers can require a dress code and terminate those who violate it.
Rob Feb 06, 2013
Depends on their work. If necessary they have to but every employer should also have a steel locker in the company for safety of their things. As our company have safety lockers for each employee and Midland Steel Equipment offer such steel lockers.
Answered Jan 22, 2014
Plate carriers are what we’re really referring to with the term “bulletproof vest.” Tactical plate carrier vests hold ceramic, composite and steel body armor plates. People often use the term “body armor” synonymously with body armor plate carrier vests.
Answered Jun 18, 2021

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