Recommend some good Anime?

Hey, I'm a big fan of High school of the dead, Naruto Shippuden and other action packed (gore) animes. Do you know any good ones?, I'f you do putting them in the answer section would be appreciated.
Asked Feb 01, 2013
thanks for the advice I took it to heart
P.S. not mad at you
Kiruse Feb 01, 2013
Good :)
Oh and thanks for mentioning me on your profile :D
ah no prob ;)
Kiruse Feb 04, 2013
-Higurashi no naku Koro Ni
-Elfen Lied
-Blue Gender
-School Days
-Deadman Wonderland
-Mirai Nikki
Answered Feb 01, 2013
Thanks! I think I would like to check Mirai Nikki and Deadman Wonderland Out! :)
Love all of those
On my own, I think you shoul try to watch Another(anime) it is good but I warn you its quite scary......:D
Answered Feb 04, 2013
nura:rise of the yokai clan aka Nurahyon no mago is my favorite
there is also thing thing called vocaloid that does some pretty cool songs sung by sythesized voices here is one of thier best songs
P.S. you have good choice in anime
P.P.S. One I am always going to reccomend from now on is Manga Messiah I love that its non-ficton but also not boring
Answered Feb 01, 2013
Edited Feb 25, 2013
Thanks I will be sure to check it out :)
Dragon Ball Z!!! :D
Answered Feb 25, 2013
Rosario+vampire season 1 and 2 dubbed in English XD
Answered Jul 26, 2013
Ninja Scroll
Vampire Hunter D

Can't go wrong with these =)
Answered Sep 06, 2013
Vampire Knight. Best series ever and I can find another series like it!
Answered Sep 29, 2013
xxx holic, death note
Answered Sep 29, 2013
Edited Sep 29, 2013
Oh and Dark Metro. It has quite a bit of gore in it
jiyong Sep 29, 2013
*Deathnote fangirling*
Haha. Yay another death note fan!!
jiyong Oct 04, 2013
One Piece is great.
Answered Jun 27, 2013
Sorry this reply is late but I've started to read the manga its pretty sweet

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