Ancient Egypt:Golden Cobra?

The Ancient Egyptians would sometimes mark their dead ancestors with a cobra above their eye. If they were important people the cobra was marked above their eye in gold. What did the cobra stand for on these Ancienty Egyptians and why was it marked above their eye?
Asked Jan 28, 2013
It was used as a body adornment and symbolized a person of wealth who possessed authority from the gods.
Answered Jan 29, 2013
for pharos a colbra or vulture on a headress is said that is where the pharos magic comes from and some people were buried with trinkets for the after life, some magic some not. however the "colbra" in the picture appears to be just a crack in the skull and if you have any more questions for egypt or greece history or mythology just aks away cause I studied them almost all my life
Answered Feb 05, 2013

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