What does it mean when I have two periods in one month?

I had got my period the first week of January and I have gotten it again on the January 29th. I know it is normal for that to happen, but my husband and I are trying to conceive has well. My first one was normal and this one seems to be normal has well minus the fact I'm having more clots then usual and its a little more painful. My husband's friend said that it's possible it is a miscarriage but I'm not too sure. Could it be that or I'm I just fine? I'm also wondering if it might be that I'm pregnant? I know that some women have normal periods while pregnant and some have spotting and very light compared to their normal period. I'm just a little concerned.
Asked Jan 28, 2013
Do a screening test to see if you are pregnant and if you think you may have had a miscarriage, you should see a doctor to be sure there are no complications from it.
Answered Jan 28, 2013
Is 3 weeks enough time for the testto be accurate? And should I do the urine or blood a what's the differnce between them? Sorry just wanting a child and a little nerves whats going on with my body.
A few days is enough time for all of the tests I'm aware of but look at the instructions on the box to be absolutely sure. The best plan is to do the inexpensive urine tests until it says you are pregnant then go to the doctor. They will do a blood test to verify it.
Rob Jan 28, 2013

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