Can I fall in love with a guy I met for the first time on Skype?

Met a guy online who I cannot stop thinking about. What to do?
Asked Jan 24, 2013
I fell in love with a girl on skype I cannot stop thinking about, I'm honest with her and I love spending time with her, I'm sure things will work out in the end between us because I only got 2 more months of school here in England and then I going to the states, we're gonna live together and see how things workout, anyway you need to be more honest with your feelings and tell him if you really love him, but don't do it too fast because I'm assuming you just met and It can seem pretty creepy.
Answered Jan 30, 2013
Just keep skyping and learn about eachother's interests,you know.You could arrange to meet one day and see how it will turn out.
Answered Jan 30, 2013
Look before you leap. Usually when you follow a rush of emotions without even knowing a person, you're really building yourself up for a giant disappointment.
Answered Jan 30, 2013

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