Bi polar experience?

What are peoples knowledge / experience with bi polar? If its you or someone you know, any information or discussions would be helpful.
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Asked Jan 24, 2013
Bi-polar used to be called "manic depression" because you experience wide mood swings for no apparent reason. It's like having an emotional thermostat that doesn't work.

You go through periods of manic behavior where you are on an emotional high. In that state you are animated, don't sleep much, behave erratically and talk a lot. You are aggravating for your friends and family to deal with but you aren't a danger to yourself other than making erratic decisions and possibly suffering from exhaustion.

The other side is depression. Your mood goes south, you become withdrawn, hardly talk and become a potential danger to yourself. In extreme cases some people have gone for weeks without speaking. A bi-polar person should be closely monitored in that state.

There are medications available that deal with bi-polar effectively. Anybody with bipolar symptoms should be receiving medical care and have some oversight to insure they take the medication.

Answered Jan 24, 2013
Bipolar disorder is a chronic and episodic mental illness commonly known as manic depression. It is an abnormal condition where people experience elevated mood swings. They become extremely depressed by the unusual shift in mood, energy and their activity level. This disrupts their ability to carry out their day to day activities.(Source: globaldiscountdrugs blog)
Answered Jan 31, 2013

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