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Hi!! my name's Emily I'm 12 and I have a huge problem! Im going to need to tell you my whole story: Ever since 2009 I was in love with taylor swift (as an idol) she was so inspiring and she encouraged me to start writing. Aside with that I also LOVED big time rush!! in the summer of 2012 I moved from NY to NC! as a girl my age this is not the easiest thing. I panicked and even though I didnt notice this before I revolved on big time rush to be my only friends. I still dont have many friends and ive made a special connection with them, still while being inspired by taylor (and BTR) I just found out a couple of minutes ago that taylor swift is now dated logan henderson. I always understood rushers and I always understood swifties. us rushers live in our own little world and if anyone will try and hurt our boys we will snap at them. I am seeing comments on the article I found like, NO LOGAN WILL GET HURT!! and I want to fight back yet I want to be on their side and now its becoming a choice because I feel like I could never let any of them go! if they break up I could never chose between to 2!! this may not seem like such a big problem to you but to me its the world! HELP ME PLEASE!
-Emily <3
Asked Jan 23, 2013
My intent is not to put your ideas and interests down, I would just like for you to think about this:

Where you will be twenty years from now will have nothing at all to do with Taylor Swift or Logan Henderson, it will depend on who YOU are. Celebrities get where they are by looking after themselves. You should do the same for yourself. There is nothing wrong with admiring entertainers but you can't base your life on someone else, you have to create your own and that has to come from within you.
Answered Jan 23, 2013
thank you for the support. I hear that all the time. I know its not gonna shape my future but it shapes my life I know what im passionate about and its not learning about celebrities but I need these people as friends to tell me that im not alone
I also like Taylor, and I love one direction, obviously Taylor went out with Harry, and I loved it, but when they broke up I kind of turned on Taylor for a while, I'm a huge directioner and in the end I ended up liking both of them again, it's ok. To like two different people in a relationship, not in a relationship, you should support both of them equally if you are having this much trouble deciding who you like more, just support both of them as much as you can if they break up.
Answered Jun 05, 2013
So turns out they aren't dating and that was just some stupid rumor...but I hardly think about taylor anymore. It doesnt matter anyways thanks though!! Big Time Rush saved my life..I love them so much!!

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