I need help coming up with an outline for a 300-600 word essay

I have to write a 300-600 word arguement essay, basically I keep getting a 5. The highest you can get is an 8. I need a 6 to pass and take my college class. I am a good writer but I am having issues with my essay. I need help coming up with an outline for the following below and maybe some help explaining what I need to do to pass, I want to write against the school's decision to make students play sports.. Thanks!!

Some schools require each student to participate in an
organized school sport chosen by the student. People at
these schools argue that athletics is an important part
of the educational experience and that there should be a
rule requiring participation. Others argue that students
should be free to decide whether or not they wish to
participate in organized school sports. Write an essay
for a classroom instructor in which you take a position
on whether participation in organized school athletics
should be required. Be sure to defend your position
with logical arguments and appropriate examples.
Asked Jan 23, 2013
Why don't you say about how some people need to do sport because they stay in front of computers when they're not in school and how others burn energy when they get home because they help parents or other people (working on a farm, taking the dog for a long run etc...) And there's people who can't do sports because of health issues or because they don't want to change their body, maybe even because they can find it stressful, it can also sometimes be a source of bullying, if someone isn't strong enough or fast enough to do some sports then they might get picked on and that can affect mental health.

I hope this gives you a few ideas to start off with. :)
Answered Jan 24, 2013
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