How do I convince my parents to let me have another chinchilla?

I currently have a chinchilla right now and I have looked after it for more than a year now and I really want another one.I have all the supplies I need and even and extra current chinchilla is healthy and I took great care of it.i even have more than enough to pay for it.But my parents say that one chin is enough and it would be troublesome and smelly. But I can still Handle it.and ideas?
Asked Jan 19, 2013
tell them that it is going against animal rights as chinchillas are social animals and require company from the same species. even ask a vet
Answered Jan 19, 2013
Be careful with that line of reasoning... If you parents are really opposed, they could decide to sell it to someone else who already has one that could keep yours company.
Just say you don't want it to get lonely. Keep saying that and behave really nicely and your parents will be more likely to get you one.
Answered Jan 20, 2013

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