How to speak/talk well all the time?

Hi. Although English is my first language, I struggle to talk well all the time - there are times where I can speak well, clear and with enthusiasm but often I cannot do that. People will often ask me to repeat what I just said, my voice lacks power to speak and becomes tired and lazy, there is no enthusiasm or consistency. What can I do to solve these problems?
Asked Jan 18, 2013
Keep practicing! When you're at home, read books aloud. That way you will be able to practice your speech more. You'll get better in no time. There's a reason why reading creates successful minds! :)
Answered Jan 18, 2013
For speaking english fluently all time many rules and practices needed like..
1. Reading, listening, writing and speaking are the most important aspects make a successful speaker.
2. Speak out loud the subject which are listening to and make practice what you here.
3. You think to say naturally like native.
4. To know the grammar rules.
5. Learn vocabulary for remember some words to speak a right sentence.
6. Don't translate the english word from your mother tongue in speaking period.
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Answered Oct 09, 2015
Hello guys, To speak in English well all the time you have to follow some points. Speaking English fluently isn't the same as knowing perfect English grammar - even native English-speakers make grammar mistakes! Fluency is about being able to communicate.

1. Accept That English Is a Weird Language
2. Dive into the Deep End
3. Remember the Answer Is in the Question
4. Get More out of Listening
5. Learn and Study Phrases
6. Don't Study Grammar Too Much.

Some days before I had gone for a spoken English class to The English Lingua, which is a Delhi's premier academy for teaching communicative English language. After that, I improved myself. Thanks a lot.
Answered Mar 20, 2017

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