Bank reconciliation statement

satheeh traders received a bank statement showing a favourable balance of rs.10,392
for the period ended on 30june,2010, this did not agree with the balance in the cash book.
1.) a deposit of rs.3000 the cashier mistakely entered the gross amt in the bank column of the cash book.
2.) 92 paid on 29june,2010 had not been credited by the bank until 1july.2010
3.) on 30march,2010 the firm had entered into hire purchase agreement to pay by bankers order a sum of rs.3000 on the 10 of each month ,commencung from april,2010. no entries had been made in cash book.
4. )a customer of the firm who received a cash discount of 4 % on his account of rs.4000 paid the firm a cheque on 12 june. the cashier mistakely entered the gross amount in the bank column of cash book.
5.) bank charges amounting to rs.300 had not been entered in cash book.
6).on 28 june a customer of the firm directly deposited the amt in hte bank rs.4000
but no entry had been made in the cash book.
7.) rs.1200 paid into the bank had been entered twice in the cash book.
8.) a debit of rs. 100 appeared in the bank statement for an unpaid cheque, which had been returned marked out of date . the cheque had been redated by the customer and paid into bank again on 5 july,2010.

prepare bank reconciliation statement on 30june.2010

thank u!
Asked Jan 17, 2013

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