How to know this girl likes me I'm a girl to!?!?!?

ok me and this girl in we would sometimes talk when I'm with my friends she would stare at me and her friends would to but if we see each other somemetimes she will say hi and sometimes she would just stare then we will just lock eyes we used to joke around a lot and say hi slot but know its been kinda awkward when we look in to each other eyes and sometimes we act like we dont see each other but I'd know if she's bi or not but she mostly talks about boys and stuff I'm just soooo confused
Asked Jan 15, 2013
You are reading into 'nothing' a bit too much... you are maybe seeing what you want to see i.e. that she 'might' fancy you because of a bit of eye contact. Do you fancy her? If so then there is only one way to find out... when she is on her own try to get her talking about her sexuality... find out if she likes boys or girls or both? Ask her if she thinks that boy is cute? then lead onto, what about Angelina Jolie? etc... you need more to base this on if you want to know if she likes you. All the best sweetie x
Answered Jan 19, 2013

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