Why do I keep on feeling annoyed at women?

lately I have been noticing how I keep on feeling annoyed at women. I know its completly irrational and uncalled for but I cant help it. these are the things that annoy me.
how men always have to buy women drinks and pay for dates. how men are expected to be some kind of comedian on dates. how in its always the women slapping or hitting the men but when its the other way around its an outrage, and the women might press charges. how when people divorce the women usually keep the children as they have more rights over them and how they get to keep the house more often. how men have to put up with women calling them ugly for a 'joke' but if it was the other way around it would be an outrage. how women always go on about being the stronger sex when men have done more to contribute to our modern life style. as I said, I know this is irrational but I would like some answers as to why all the points above are apparent and why they might annoy me.
Asked Jan 13, 2013
The inequalities work both ways. Men are often paid more for the same work and don't do their part in housekeeping or cooking. Most of these traditions are holdovers from a time when the male was expected to provide for the family and the female maintained the home and cared for her husband and children. None of the things you mention would have been viewed as unfair 100 years ago because that was the way our society worked. They seem unfair today because our traditions haven't caught up with the modern belief that everything has to be equal between the sexes.
Answered Jan 14, 2013
The dates are pure chivalry, but I can see where it's not always practical. My boyfriend and I try to alternate paying when we go out for respect of the other working so hard. It's not unreasonable to feel that you should not have all of this responsibility. The slapping and divorce just comes with being a woman. We are seen as sensitive and most of the time the woman deserves to be hit; however, we are women and its just plain wrong. But I do see your point of view, its very frustrating to have so much hypocrisy against you. Women give birth..enough said. In some cases, if the woman is an unfit mother or could be harmful to the children, they have no right to have custody. Men and women are both VERY self-conscious, women just portray it more. If someone is calling you ugly as a joke, give them a sarcastic joke back. Whether it's about you actually being handsome or them being ugly..they deserve it in my opinion. No one can say one sex is stronger than the other, physically or mentally.
Answered Jan 13, 2013
thanks, this explains alot

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