Can any body help me with a little problem that im having

i guess u can say that my parents are mean cause they wont let me do anything......but the problem is one of my friends like to come over at my house and like to hang out for a while......and he lets me play on his phone until it either dies or he has to go home......and my parents think that either I like him or he likes me......and im 14 going on 15 and he is 20 years of age. but my parents just dont understand that I dont want to date him he is way older then me. I really need them to understand that I want nothing to do with him.
Asked Jan 07, 2013
If you want "nothing to do with him," do you think it's possible he may want to have something to do with you? If that's the case, your parents have good reason to be concerned. That's just not a normal friendship for someone your age and it would concern any responsible parent. My advice is to look for friendship with people your age.
Answered Jan 07, 2013
Why don't you invite him over at your house BUT only if your parents are there too? I dont believe that age deference matters in friendships. But I do believe that there are some people who think differently than you do and maybe that guy wants something more of you. Let your parents meet him and if they disaprove about him they might understand some things more than you do. If they approve then there you go! You can build your new friendship! But be careful. Constant vigilance!
Answered Jan 07, 2013

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