Not sure how sick my dog is.

My dog, a 4lb, 5 month old maltese, might have swallowed the inside contents of an Advil gel capsule yesterday. I was unsure since the gel casing was pierced and the contents were missing, but another capsule near it was only bitten but not pierced. We took him to the vet and they gave him this IV type of thing (they didn't keep him overnight though and I cant remember the name of the fluid they gave him) which left him with this weird hump on his back for 24 hours and I was given sulcralfate tablets to give him every 8 to 12 hours. Also I was told to give him pepcid and change his diet to something easier on his stomach. He hates the food the vet gave him so I dropped a few pieces of chicken or turkey in it to make him eat it. Yesterday he seemed absolutely fine, but today he's been sleeping for the majority of they day and he just seems seems sluggish and not himself since hes usually a very hyperactive puppy. I was told to watch out for vomiting and tar-colored feces, and so far he hasnt had either, but he has been making this hacking sound all day like he needs to vomit and he has been having almost diarrhea-like poop (maybe from switching his food so fast). I'm very worried and paranoid because I don't know if this is effects from the meds or if he is really ill. I wish we could take him back to the vet right now, but my mom is legally blind and can't drive at night so any at-home remedial treatments would be best. If it is necessary, we will definitely try to take him to vet hospital, but since we are also pressed for money right now, I wanted to check here to see if this was normal
Asked Jan 04, 2013
Dogs often throw up and have diarrhea-like poop when their food is changed. Add to that the fact that those are among the human side effects of Advil, it's not surprising that he is showing those symptoms. It is my opinion though that he's through the worst of it. If he shows signs of dizziness or disorientation, that would be a signal to get him back to the doc. Otherwise he should improve day-by-day.
Answered Jan 05, 2013

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