How come when I dream about something the next day it comes true?

I dreamt about a friend that I haven't seen in 2 years and I messaged him on Facebook in 05/16/12. When I just finished that dream, that was the last dream I have had before I woke up today. When I woke up my phone vibrated and he had texted me from Facebook. We haven't talked since 05/16/12. My dream was kind of like I haven't seen him in a while and he came to my school to hang out with everyone. In my dream I was talking to him about haven't talking to him in a while. Then that very moment I got a message from Facebook from him saying hi. Another time I had a dream about me wearing my friends shirt and then the next day that friend was wear the exact shirt! Can someone please help me what is god trying to tell me!
Asked Jan 04, 2013
How does one get the authority to speak for God?
Rob Jan 04, 2013
Ask the pope, they've been doing it for hundreds of years...
It's just a premonition; everyone gets them.
Answered Mar 02, 2013
Its like wow. feeling awesome when we dream something and next day it is true.
God wants that dream more and more and be positive. You know the differentiate between reality and fantasy. I know, But I don’t stop to believing that my fantasy will come to life one day. I think everyone has hopes and wishes that their fantasies will come true. but it’s more than that for me. and it’s my real belief. And I will meet the people I know in my fantasy. I want to tell you one more thing if you seriously want to come true your fantasy so Bordel Barcelona give you the same experience to make your fantasy come true. it is believable.

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Answered Apr 27, 2019

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