JTF-2 (Joint Task Force 2 Canadian Spec Ops) vs Us Navy Seals ( American Specops)

What do you guys think are more elite the JTF-2 or NAVY SEALS I personally think JTF-2 is more elite and trained compared to seals we just dont hear about the JTF-2 because they are top secret
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Asked Jan 03, 2013
What measurement do you use to define "more elite?" It seems to me the question should be, which unit can most efficiently and effectively accomplish the goals that are set for them. If the primary goal is secrecy, we will never learn the answer. But that's OK, if I was in a jam, I would be elated to hear that either a JTF-2 or a seal team was on the way. After all, this isn't a contest, we're still on the same side, aren't we?
Answered Jan 03, 2013
Edited Jan 03, 2013
By elite I mean who can take on more dangerous, more risky suicide missions and still complete the objective and yes we are indeed on the same side as you guys train us for hot desert enviroment and we train you for cold artic enviroment
i think us navy seals is more better because they get more good training then any other army except SAS BRITISH
Answered Jul 25, 2013
the two best special forces groups are the Navy SEALS and the British SAS SEALS by far have the most intense training and they both have the highest success rates
Answered Dec 20, 2015

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