I needa know if im pregnant I really need help

so im 13 and my boyfriend is 18 and about 3 months ago we had sex without a condom just for a second. wen he said he was bout to cum we stoped. my period have came on since. the other few times we used a condom. so an I pregnant and if I am pregnant is there a way to get a abortion without my parents knowing?
Asked Jan 03, 2013
There is no way you can have sex with a 100% guarantee that you will not get pregnant. That includes using a condom. If you've had multiple periods since, I doubt that you are pregnant but cannot say for sure.

Not only are you taking the risk of getting pregnant, you are taking the risk of your boyfriend going to prison for years due to the difference in your ages. Stand up to him and tell him, no more.

Learn the facts about pregnancy:
Answered Jan 03, 2013
Edited Jan 03, 2013
The first problem is he could go to jail for messin round wit them young lil children like u, cuz basically that makes him a pedophile if u only 13 and he 18 he legally grown n u jus steppin into your teen years, but aside from that, u could b pregnant but the chances ain't super high cuz it wasn't real cum, but there may had been precum, fo real tho, y yo lil self doin that kinda stuff wit grown ass men?!? XD I guess u like older guys, but u b careful girl, u don't need no baby yet, u still a baby yourself. If your question is fo real, u shud stop, but what u gon listen to me fo? If it was fake, oh well, at least I was willin to help.
Answered Jan 03, 2013
Excuse my language please, I ain't even realize I cussed.
Oh, sweetie. Mr. "Footballisgreat" is right. That's slightly creepy. But, that's your decision to make. But no. You're not pregnant. Here's the thing about pregnancy and your period: when you're on you're period, blood from the walls of your uterus shed because they made eggs you didn't need. However, when you're pregnant, the uterus does not shed blood because it's made eggs that are going to good use! Sorry for the graphic image. But on the bright side, you're not pregnant at age 13! Yay!
Hope that helped!
Answered Sep 07, 2013

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