How do I flirt with 13 year old girls

im a 13 year old guy and I need some tips to flirt with girls my age without making it too obvious and what can I do to know if she likes me
Asked Jan 01, 2013
1. Make her laugh
2. Help her (open the door for her, help her with math, etc.)
3. Touch her hair (I love this!!!) (Don't yank it!!! haha)
4. Smile at her
5. Look at her during class
Answered Mar 27, 2013
Wish so one was that nice with me lol
i am 14 years old and I have six pack abs and I am muscular not so muscular like batista and all.What should I do to flirt a girl?
and I am really shy
i respect girls alot
You sound a lot like me :) I'm a 13 year old girl btw... β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‹
I know I answered one of your other questions so this is probably weird, but hey.

compliments. Eg- Your hair looks pretty today.

Just something that will make her more confident in herself and trust me she will appreciate it.

(don't say them all of the time and don't go around flirting to a load of girls at the same time. Im a girl and seriously it doesn't come across good. Well... personally. Girls generally call all round full on flirting guys players. But there is nothing wrong with a few flirts here and there)

Answered Jan 02, 2013
Edited Jan 02, 2013
I agree completely!
I'm 13... The boy I like sat across from me in history this year and sometimes his foot would brush against my (: he would sometimes lightly kick my foot and we would mess with each other all the time (: he would be really nice and let me put my feet in his chair when we watched videos and stuff.. So just do stuff like that... Oh yea and always look into her eyes it shows confidence! Touch her shoulder when y'all talk, use any excuse to touch her.. ( not inappropriately) like I hurt my knee and had it wrapped and he touched my knee and asked if I was ok it was so sweet!.. These things probably sound stupid but this is coming straight from a 13 year old girl.. Oh and by way I think it's really adorable that u asked how to flirt with a girl (:
Answered Jun 24, 2013
Aww I'm jelouse
Haha shy girl
My crush did that to me and we both had this massive smile on our faces! it was so cute of him and it turned into a game
Just be nice and confident. Complement them but not too forcefully or in a way that she thinks you're only trying to get with her. Be yourself and try to make her laugh. DO NOT under any circumstances make fun of her or tease her with the intention of hurting her. Just be there for her, don't be a jerk. Try to be her friend first so she doesn't feel like she's rushed into things. Hope this helps xx
Answered Jan 02, 2013
thanks but im looking to physically flirt
Wink at her, touch her, pat her back (someone did that to me. Turned red as ever XD)
lightly touch her arm when your talking or accidently touch shoulders see how she reacts , good luck
ps. make her laugh and talk about things she likes
Answered Jan 03, 2013
Why do you wanna flirt with a girl? If you just wanna do it for fun dont tell the girl you love her. Or dont try to have that thing which always teens do and get into problem
Answered Jun 25, 2013
Go with scarfgirl's answer and if she looks at you with a smile she likes you.
Answered Jun 25, 2013
Here is basically the future conversation:
"Hey, (her name), your hair is looking pretty today."
"Thanks. What have you been doing?"
"Nothing. Your'e sooo hot."
Complements, say things funny then -------------------boosh- go forz it!
Answered Aug 10, 2013
Be funny, and say compliments. I love it when guys give me compliments... just kidding they never do xD
Answered Aug 13, 2013
I agree withAnonymous104 play with her feet if sitting down touch her foot with yours(sort of like a kicking game but not hard) carry on doing this on other days because it will make her notice you . also make her laugh I know this is hard because I don't know your situation therefore I cant give examples but try nicknames. When your ready maybe compliment her but not like' your so pretty' because she make freak o a bit try 'i like your bow ' and use a thumbs up. Sorry I don't know what you are like but a guy did this to me and I was pretty inlove after
Answered Oct 27, 2013
Tell her how nice she lookes, come from the heart not the head. But be very smart not stupid and act dumb
Answered Nov 16, 2016
Very good
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Answered Dec 22, 2016
If a girl starts texting you with flirting texts you should send adventurous texts and see if she accepts them. Like you're fit and things like that. You could also get to know her friends so she spends more time with you because you are 'chillin'. I'm 18 and my girlfriend is amazing she loves being comforted.
Answered Mar 06, 2017
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Answered Aug 16, 2018
Just be funny and smile a lot. And be a gentleman!
Answered Dec 09, 2020
Help them at school, give them flowers and sweets, make jokes and generally be a good guy. When I was thirteen, I went for a walk with two of my peers - we spent a lot of time together, there was a lot of interesting things. But I think a lot depends on how teenagers live in each country.
Answered Jan 06, 2021
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Answered Jan 07, 2021
Edited Jan 07, 2021
Just start off bein friendly to her like u would a normal friend but be subtle with some extra effort like offering her something u didn't anyone else..even if it just a piece of gum, speeding up to open a door for her, eye contact when u smile, b patient with her responding back with flirts when they begin...its a rough age for us both...most girls already started having harder crushes or are just starting to and prob don't have any exp on how to deal with it so are shy. Anytime she looks like she is having a rough day is a huge opportunity to ask us if we are ok and likely she will say she's fine even if something bothering her but she'll notice that you noticed...let her know that your there to listen if she needs some1 to that won't let what ya hear go anywhere else. That may give you some 1 on 1 time. Worked on me atleast sorta that way haha
Answered Dec 05, 2021
Now what I did was I did'nt act like I was big and tough cuz I was shy when I was bout 12-13 and if you are friends (btw friend zone don't mean she can't love you)
They will genuinely walk up to you and ask what's wrong now and stay with you a little while now you make compliments in that short time slot you got and wut I did I said you have vibrant hair and your eye's shine in the sun and she gave me a hug and said meet me after school and that's 1 of the millions of way you can try or if she's hurt or sad support her and use compliments like the ones I said and that's another way you can try but u have to be patient and don't freak out. :D
Answered Jul 26, 2013

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