Creat File system? in Command prompt

Creat a file system.Suppose that you work for a soft drink company.Your manager has asked you to creat a business proposal-a fun,caffeine-free soda for kids under the age of eight.The proposal will be about 50 pages in length and will include several supporting documents,such as reports,memos,budgets,customer list,research on the product safety,focus group results,taste tests,and so on.These different documents will be created in several forms,including word processing documents,spreadsheet files,databases,presentations,and so on.
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Asked Dec 31, 2012
With 3-4 basic commands you can copy the files from another device to your project folder by using the COPY command. You have to type the entire path like:

Copy C:\MyFile.Txt D:\MyFolder\Myfile.txt [ENTER]

You can change folders with the CD Command

CD D:\MyFolder [ENTER]

You can view the files in the folder with the DIR Command


That will get files created on another machine into your computer. If you are asking about how to create those files in a command prompt, you need to go back and ask your manager what he's been smoking.
Answered Dec 31, 2012

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