I got a dwarf hamster 2months ago and it still wont let me hold it!

I have tried all of the usual advice like put your hand in its cage then when it gets used to you put in a cup and pour onto your hand but none of it will work! All of the people I know who have Dwarf Hamsters got their hamster to be handled straight away but I just cant seem to get my Dwarf to like me! Please Help as soon as poss! Thanks x
Asked Dec 31, 2012
My sister used to have a dwarf hamster and hers was the same way. It bit both of us, but then it becane friendlier. What we would do is that we would use our index and thumb fingers to grab the hamster around its belly and move it quickly to the top of his cage, then we would pet him there. We only got the hamster three or four times on our hand (hamster died after appx. 3-4 months :'( heatstroke :( ) we would put him in a small mug (so he wont be able to run too much) then we pour pour him on to our hand (tail end first). Keep in mind that since they are small hamsters they usually frightend easily. I wish u best of luck! Hope I helped.
Answered Mar 13, 2013

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