It's really just a rant.

Okay, well this girl she was on my volleyball team and well now we have gym together... But we see each other everyday, and we talk everyday. One day we were like sitting there messing around playing volleyball and like everytime we would score we would like sit there and like hold on to one anothers hand for like extra time yknoe? Well I've started to develop feelings for her. Everytime I see her I get butterflies and the bad part about it is that I'm pretty sure she's straight. She's perfect though. Yeah, not really a question.. Just needed to get it out.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Dec 27, 2012
Falling for a straight girl is a guaranteed heart break. Find out if she's into girls before you let your feelings go any farther.
Answered Dec 27, 2012
sometimes the companionship is enough... if you want to remain friends try not to make it ackward.... if she is straight dont hold out for her move forward with potential relationships and then use it as an opportunity to confide in her and then maybe it would give you a deeper insight about her feelings... maybe she is interested in "experimenting" but try not to get to invested at first because if she does open up to you it could be a "phase"
Answered Jan 26, 2013

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