Does Masturbation Make it Shrink?

When it's very very hard it's 6'0 inches, if that info helps answer the question, but does masturbation cause shrinking or growth stunts? I want a straight mature answer. I usually do it every couple days if that matters too.
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Asked Dec 23, 2012
Definitely not! Just make sure to use a penis health creme so that you're hydrated and moisturized. I've been using Man1 Man Oil and it's worked literal wonders for me.
Masturbation does not affect the growth (or shrinkage) or body parts. What you're doing is perfectly healthy. Just make sure you're being sanitary and it doesn't keep you from doing any of your regular daily activities. As long as you're able to do all the things you need to do, you're fine. Enjoy. :-)
Answered Dec 23, 2012
No.. but you can really mess up your penis skin. If you are going to continue to masturbate, use one of those penis health cremes that are on the market nowadays. This will protect your penis from chafing, dryness, soreness and even a loss of sensitivity. It's easy to use and safe too. Using it is a very smart move. Hope this helps.
Answered Nov 10, 2016
No, there's no evidence to support that claim. It's a normal activity that most people engage in and it's usually safe. Just make sure to hydrate yourself a penis health creme- I've been using Man1 Man Oil for years and you wouldn't believe how smooth, hydrated and moisturized I am below the belt. So helpful with razor burn, too. Good luck!
Answered Dec 20, 2019
No, it doesn't. However, J=just make sure that you use a penis health creme for skin protection and you will be just fine. Masturbation can lead to all sorts of skin issues like discoloration and numbness which can really mess up your sex life. But these cremes protect from this stuff and work really well. Man1 Man Oil is the one my man uses-- google it.
Answered Feb 04, 2020
No, there is no proof on it. if you ares hy about such things to show you family doctor . there are lot of online apps. that helps get paid consultation of such things
Answered Apr 01, 2020

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