How likely is it to get pregnant 6 hours after ovulation but no ejaculation inside vagina?

Please help need to know period is due in 11 days but really paranoid ha sex without a Condom for like 15 mins no ejaculation
Am I at risk had sex 6 hours after ovulation
It's been 3 days since and my nipples hurt only when I touch them bad cramping but I was out dancing on Friday pulled something in my back
Asked Dec 23, 2012
Having unprotected sex while ovulating is the best way to get pregnant. It's possible sperm could have been released. It's too late to take emergency contraception to prevent conception, so you'll have to wait until a pregnancy test will be accurate and take one to be sure. Next time, think about emergency contraception, but it's only effective in preventing pregnancy in the first 72 hours.
Answered Dec 23, 2012
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