My penis kind curves over to the ( right ) side, is that supposed to happen?

when ever I get a boner my penis always like turns to the right o_o is that normal?
Asked Dec 20, 2012
Edited Dec 20, 2012
Sounds like you're right handed. :-)
Answered Dec 21, 2012
um.. .o_o does that have to do with anything -.-

sesti82 Dec 23, 2012
He's saying there's nothing to worry about. Right. Left. Right then left... it's all fine.
Just keep it clean and functional dude and you don’t have to worry about its angle etc. And if you need more help with these things you should use a penis health creme once a day. These are multivitamin cremes made just for the penis and improve its look, function and feel. I use one and it is awesome. Check them out.
Answered Sep 20, 2019
It is not a problem if it doesn't cause any pain... you might even learn that a curve is beneficial during sex. Just make sure it works though.. you can do this by using a penis health creme like Man1 Man Oil. These ensure that the penis is getting the appropriate amount of vitamins and proteins... this is key. You can get this creme online.
Answered Apr 01, 2020

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