Please help my best guy friends is sending me mixed signals.

Okay so my best guy friend (let's call him J) and I were chatting a few days ago, and he was flirting with me, and my best girl friend and she was really trying to set us up because we're both tall and we flirt with each other a lot... So the next day I smiled at J and he just looked away and started whispering to his friend, and I was like kaaay. Then that night he started flirting with me again, and I pretended I was into him to see what he would do so I said stuff like " I kinda like you " and blushed but then he got really nervous and said "now I'm kinda shy talking to you" then things got really awks........ Then after awhile he said he had to go so I told him that I was just playing a joke on J, and he looked kinda sad and really sadly said "haha kaaay bye" . Now it's like I'm not even real he looks right through me, he doesn't even acknowledge me anymore. And the worst of all is that im actually starting to develop feeling for him but he likes this really mean girl in our school. So now that you have read my story please help me!!!!
Asked Dec 18, 2012
Edited Dec 18, 2012
Iknow how you feel, I am in that situation right now, too. First, become friends with him again. Then, try to show your feelings for him after a while if being friends. If he was friends with you before, then I am sure he likes your personality. He seems pretty confused right now, about who to like. My crush likes this really mean girl, too:( but I am sure your crush will figure out soon, that she is mean, and you have a much, much better personality then her:) Anyway, good luck! I hope I helped:)
Answered Dec 19, 2012
Thanks ill try it and I hope that your situation gets better too :)

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