Chemistry 1-2 help with final exam

Please help me find the answer to the following because I can not remember it all. Thanks!
Metric prefixes and conversion: 1. 0.2250 m=_______cm
2.1.45 kL=_______cL
3. 1000 cg=_________mg
4. 100 mm=__________m
5.5280 L=_________hL
6.0.00035 kg=_________g
Evaluate the data below if the actual value for volume is 5.4 ml
Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Trial 1 5.3 ml 5.25 ml 5.0 ml
Trial 2 6.2 ml 5.20 ml 5.8 ml
Trial 3 5.9 ml 6.25 ml 5.4 ml
Average _____ ______ _____

Calculate the percent error for each group

Describe the following as type of substance
1. carbon
2. iron ore

A.Calculate density for a substance with a volume of 6.0 mL and mass of 12.0
B. What is the mass of a brick that has density of 5.3 g/L and volume of 10 grams?
C. What is the volume of a gas that has a density of 1.5 g/L and a mass of 2.0?
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