Uk national lottery in corporation london company is fraud or not

i received a mail from uk national lotter
that,s why I want to know about this company.
Asked Dec 13, 2012
Lottery scams:
Answered Dec 13, 2012
I will agree with Rob. The email is likely to be a fraud. There is a company running a UK lottery, but they are unlikely to be selling their tickets by emailing potential customers. Indeed, they are prohibited from paying out to people overseas. Any non UK resident who gets a winning ticket won't get the prize! However, I do not know the situation for tourists and visitors who buy a ticket while in Britain. A small win will receive payment 'over the counter' at a selling agent, no questions asked. A large win might have complications not to be found in the agent's shop when claiming a small win.
Answered Dec 13, 2012
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Answered Dec 02, 2020
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