PLEASE,help me.I feel like I am going to die.

I am truly thank you if you are seeing this.Look,this is about my cat.I have 7 cats.They are all outdoors.1 is lost for 4 months already.Yesterday,the other one is not spotted in my sight.And one of my cat is injured.Her nose have a cut and I don't know what's wrong with her mouth.It is so dirty look and her voice totally change.I did search for web and they say if the voice changed it might be they have suffer trauma.When I first see I am shocked.Why will this happen?I don't even know what cause my cat a trauma thing and,the other cat is avoiding the trauma cat.They roar at her,and run away.Guys,PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS THAT MEAN.Is it mean that what cat see doesn't look like what we see?PLEASE,I REALLY NEED YOU GUYS HELP.I AM TRULY,TRULY APPRECIATE IT.MAY GOD BLESSED YOU.NOW I FEEL LIKE DYING BECAUSE I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT AGAIN.I never wanted that kind of feeling.Losing something you do love so much,deep down in your heart.I guess these cat are giving me trauma as well.
Asked Dec 13, 2012
U think u have it bad my dogs I've known my whole life just died and I watched them die knowing I couldn't do anything about.. someone shot them and I went and had to watch them be buried while my brothers were at home playing video games and my two birds where killed by someone too and someone keeps shoting my new dogs with pellet guns and my neighbor I think ended up cutting my dog open till you could see the muscel and my old neighbor would get drunk and strangle my chickens that where the closest to me and my cat domino was stolen and fed to coyotes and you think you have it bad?!
Sweet Sandra...
I'm so sorry about your cat problem. I love cats too and if my cat Thomas had a condition like yours, I would have a trauma too. I'm so sorry I've never heard of any of this, I was just going to recommen a vet. God Bless you in this hard time! I'm SO sorry for you! ="(
Answered Dec 17, 2012

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