What to do next with this girl I am starting to fall for.

We have gone out before a good night out on the town everything seems to have been going good. I tried to meet up with her this weekend but she said her work schedule wont let her. What can I do to try and see her at least one time this week? Maybe bring her lunch to her job a drink to her job something to show her I want to see her face. If that doesnt sound creepy haha. If that doesnt work then should I just wait till the following week to try and see her. Anything will help me. Thanks.
Asked Dec 11, 2012
just go over to where she works and bring a gift or lunch would be fine just tell her you wanted to see her.
Answered Dec 13, 2012
Wouldn't she think that's kinda of weird? Me just showing up out of the blue like that? I am all for your idea and suggestion. Is there a alternative for this I am a tad bit shy.
yeah I understand that then what you need to do is just kinda start chatting while you are checking out or something and keep in touch
Kiruse Feb 01, 2013

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