Can someone answer that question? about machines.

What can people do that machines can't? and
What can machines do that people can't?
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Asked Dec 10, 2012
Edited Dec 10, 2012
Machines can do things super fast and accurate compared to people but everything they do is limited to rigid logic. They are incapable of using reason or making judgmental decisions.

Suppose you tried to write a computer program that would scan millions of digital photos and pick out the best photos. You can't logically define beauty or aesthetic value but you could have art experts rate them, then put their ratings in a machine and sort them based on their human judgement.
Answered Dec 10, 2012
humans are capaple of feeling we have souls we have a sense of mercy other than that humans are basiclly machines but where as machine do one primary fuction humans are unlimited and machine maybe able to print and all that stuff but a human proggamed that a machine currently cannot program a mahcine.
Answered Dec 10, 2012
Edited Dec 12, 2012
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Answered Feb 16, 2018
I have a little doubt asking about machine mean what? Artificial Intelligence or mechanical device?

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Answered Feb 21, 2018
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Answered Mar 24, 2020

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