I want to know if my best guy friend really cares for about me?

we have known each other when we were little kids and then he moved away and we never saw each other again until one day my sister brought him home cause he missed the bus. We started talking and he asked me if I liked him and I told him as a friend. Then I went to high school and we would always talk to each other like we did when we were kids. But I never told him the I used to cut my wrist cause I though it wasn't that important until I did it again. I told him that I have been doing it and he told me to stop doing it. Then one day my friend was doing pills and I got so upset that I went and got a razor and cut my wrist again. I told him two days after it happened and he told me if I did it again that he would not talk to me. I could tell that he was mad at me for doing it again.(I wouldn't blame him) Then he turned into a douche bag and wouldn't talk to me until I came and said hi to him. Then he started talking to me again and one day at lunch he told me that he was sorry for everything that he has done to me. I didn't understand why he said that because I was trying to put the past behind us and never think about it again but I it was nice to hear him say that he was sorry. Does this mean he cares about me and wants to date me or am I the best female friend that he wants to talk to.
Asked Dec 09, 2012
How could anybody here know who he wants to date or talk to? He obviously cares about you because he keeps coming back. The two of you need to learn to communicate with each other in the conventional way, not with pills and razors. That's the way to find out what he thinks.
Answered Dec 09, 2012
So should I write him a letter or go up to him and tell him how I feel about him
Neither. Communication is a two way thing. He has to participate also. I would spend as much time as possible with him, give him hugs when you can and when you feel him hugging you back, then take it to the next level. It's important that it doesn't become one way. He has to contribute as much as you do or it will not work. Watch to see if he initiates getting together with you or calls or texts you. Those are signs you're making progress.
Rob Dec 09, 2012
he is probably very confused and doesnt know what to do and he didnt talk to you cause he thought he may be causing this or he figured that if he didnt talk to you cause he was worried he would hurt you and you need to stop with the razor but ask him for help and when you feel like cutting your wrist go to him and tell him to be with you as much as possible
Answered Dec 10, 2012

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