Should an 11 year old be able to go out with friends

I'm 11 and all my friends go to the 7-Eleven down the street from my school. My parents grounded me just for asking. I'm not aloud sleepovers, and if I want to hang out with friends our parents have to meet and then my parents would have to "plan out" which is super embarrassing. Plus some of my friends are even dating guys. I've only been to the movies 3 times in my life and I've only had 3 slurpees in my life while my friends are going out and getting 3 a day.
Asked Dec 08, 2012
I know how you feel my mum won't let me anywhere out my house even on my own street she would give me boundaries and all my friends get to go to the park and meet up and everything but I'm stuck at home bored all the time
Have you considered that the reason you're at the top of your class might be from paying more attention to your schoolwork than social issues? You're living proof that your parents program is working.
Answered Dec 08, 2012
but this thing is when I'm all done my homework and I have watched tv for an hour (which is the limit) and my friend asks me to go to the park down the street and my parents say no how do you think I feel
What is a parent's primary responsibility? Is it to make you always feel good or is it to guide you to adulthood with the ability to survive on your own? Good parenting starts with a little baby that can do nothing for themselves and gradually transferring control over their life to them over about 22 years. I agree that some parents make the transition too slowly but the risks involved in being too slow are nowhere as great as releasing control too quickly.

The way for you to get through this is to be responsible and make good choices in your friends. When they gain confidence that more freedom will not affect your performance in school, they will lighten up.

If you can have civil discussions of their feelings without making it an argument, that will help.
Rob Dec 09, 2012
There main concern is school. That going out with friends is going to change who I am. My friends have wallets (and some debit cards) and they all know even more life skills and they are improving in areas like money in math or stories in writing because they can relate to the pre teen picking up some stuff for dinner or something. When my mom let me go shopping with my friend and her mom I had 10 bucks and got some earrings for 5 dollars it was a good deal. But my mom said not to buy unnecessary stuff. I wouldn't know because I've never had that freedom before.
I thought well if I'm gonna be locked up in jail and have wifi I might as well talk to them online and since everyone has Facebook I might as well get that but my parents said no to that! There are a few more kids in my situation but they are all of the smart kids who parents walk them hoe from school even if they live down the block. I am aloud to walk home. My parents aren't strict because I have a laptop iPod and cell phone (with no cell service).
but they are overprotective. I am just wondering do you believe if I deserve more freedom or if the other kids are just spoiled
Hanging out with friends is not that bad, but you too tender to go out with friendz. Wait till get to 15year, be a good child.
Answered Dec 08, 2012
I am top of the class
im not kidding I'm the smartest in the class and all my friends are the popular kids and there not using me they are my legit friends
Thats a bit rubbish but think of it this way its better than having parents that dont give jack and beat you isnt it?
Answered Dec 08, 2012
i guess
but when some kid heard me talking about this to my friend he's like my parents don't care where I am and I could tell because he isn't the brightest in class.
When I was 11 my curfew was 8:00pm and everyone is different I was alound up to 15 miles away but that's just me.
Definetly but supervision is recommended.
Answered Feb 10, 2013
Yes you should be allowed to go out. Have you talked to your parents about this? Try to convince them you're already a good student and need to socialize with your friends otherwise you'll get too bored.
Answered May 03, 2013
Wow, when I was little (younger than 11), my parents had to bribe me to learn life skills like walking down the street, and I thought I was the over-protected one in our neighbourhood . . .

So naturally, I think it's silly that you have so little freedom. But I guess your parents have their reasons, and if you're top of your class, they've probably done some things right.

Are they reasonable? Try discussing some compromises with them. If you're super-responsible, you might be able to negotiate more freedom.
Answered Mar 06, 2014

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