Guitar recording through midi to usb cable?

I want to record electric guitar on my pc. I dont have an interface so I though I will connect my guitar to my pedalboard through a jack to jack cable, and afterwards connect the pedalboard with my pc, using midi to usb cable...shouldn't I be getting any sound from the pc???
Asked Dec 08, 2012
You can record the sound output of the guitar (.wav file). You may need some kind of impedance matching device that converts the output of the six pickup heads to a line level signal to feed into the computer.

MIDI is a totally different thing. The output isn't sound information, it produces a stream of numbers that records what you are doing to a time base. It requires a device called a controller. Since a normal electric guitar produces sound by the metal strings vibrating in a magnetic field you can't just plug it into a MIDI system. They make MIDI controllers that look like a guitar and sound like a guitar but, unlike the duck, it isn't a guitar, it's a MIDI controller. You can't make it sound like your guitar because it's playing the sounds in the wave table in the computer, not the sound from your guitar.

Google "Guitar midi controller."
Answered Dec 08, 2012
Edited Dec 08, 2012

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