My boyfriend treats me like a piece of rubbish.

we have 5 year old twins. I must take care of them, clean house. He lies on bed and calls me names and gets angry when house is mess. He has pushed me around and thrown stuff at me infront of twins.when I'm tired at night, not interested in sex, he ignors me the next day. I must get up when they sick, I must read to them every night and play with them. Everything going wrong is my fault. He swears at me. I'm unemployed. I know I should leave but have twins and no money to leave, what should I do?
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Asked Dec 07, 2012
Edited Dec 07, 2012
Obviously counseling would help but it sounds like he might not agree to go. If you have times when the two of you really communicate, I would try to find out what he is so unhappy about and what he thinks it would take to change it.

If the above is impossible, your next choice is to contact social service where you live and find out what your options are. Abusive behavior seldom gets better over time.

Answered Dec 07, 2012
Either talk to him about it or talk to somebody else one way or another this has to stop either you leave him with the twins(could you get money from any family members) or stay with family for a while. If he stops the abuse then stay but if he doesnt u should totally leave.
Ur unemployed? why dont u get a job!
Answered Dec 20, 2012
You really do need to leave him, cause men like that are very dangerous, especially since your kids see this going on. You don't want them to grow up like their dad and at this age they're minds are like sponges.... You really need to leave not only for yourself but for your kids to. He might take his anger out on the kids one day and no one wants to see that happen.. If you do leave and take the kids I believe you can collect child support from their dad. I hope things get better for you. Good luck.
Answered Apr 09, 2013

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