Are there any ways for an eleven year old to make money online?

I would like to raise money for a new charity-type business that me and my friends are working on, plus put some towards college. In my town you need to drive almost everywhere, and my parents are not home often. I know that most websites require you to be thirteen or older. Are there any without a set age limit? I am rather mature for my age and enjoy writing, art, graphic design, and website creating.
Thank you for reading, all help is very much appreciated! :)
Asked Dec 03, 2012
I don't have an answer for you, but I do know there are many other answers out there.

Have you seen this page?

Good luck!
I copied this answer from another page, I think it's a good one:

"Not completely true.. you can find lots of people who want to pay you to do things to help them out... ask old lady's on your street if you can shovel their drive way in the winter, take out their garbage. Ask your neighbor, and friends who are adults if you can help them out around the house, at their job if they're self-employed. A lot of people will give you a few bucks for helping out or help you out in other ways.

Don't say "can I do anything to make money" most adults are really turned-off by that and will think you are greedy and selfish. start by offering to help out around your house and neighborhood and when you know your good at stuff offer to help out or to learn.

Lots of people get rich before they ever get an education, if they know the right people or have good enough ideas! Develop your skills as a musician, artist, and helper-outer and make some friends! Who knows, they might be rich!"

Good luck.
Answered Dec 04, 2012
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