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at rance in france,a tidal power station was completed in 1967.When the tide is in a pool is formed behind the barrage.This has an area of 2.2 times10 to the power of 6 m.The barrage across the estuary contains 24 turbines which generate electricity as the water flows out to the sea.if the water behind the barrage rises an average of 8 metres after high tide calculate the volume of water trapped by the barrage.
Asked Dec 02, 2012
Well this isn't so much Science as math, but that said: the key to solving word problems is to set them up well. So I will do that part for you & leave you to solve the actual math ok? :)
Your Area that you will use in the Volume equation is calculated by:
(2.2 · 10)^6
Then, your height is just the 8 metres.
This problem gives you a crazy amount of useless 'info', which is: location, date of completion, and the # of turbines. Discard all that & focus on the real question: "Solve for Volume."
Note that the equation for Volume is Area · Height
Hope this helps you lots.
Answered May 22, 2013
You are great at maths
I hope you can answer one of my questions xxx lissylol123

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